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Imala Transport

Imala Transport assist participants to live independently within their local community. Our Fleet services provides door to door transport to people within the Townsville region who are unable to access the community alone. 

Community Access

Imala Transport provides transportation services to participants in the community that are no longer able to transport themselves. 

Social Support Services

Imala Transport Vehicles allow participants to travel to and from their requested social services. 


Imala Transport Vehicles allows participants to travel to and from their booked appointments with their support person or individual self. 

Group Travel

Imala Transport Vehicles allow for group travel or one or more participants travelling to or around the same destination. 

Group Travel will be allocated at half rate per participant. 

How to Contact Us? 

Phone: 0437 132 125
Operating Hours: 
Monday - Friday    630am-7pm
Saturday           8am-5pm
Sunday              8am-4pm
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